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  • We can send plants to overseas. (2011/08/16)
    1. How to order

    ① You can order on our WEB pages, putting plants into the bascket.
    ② If you cannnot order on the WEB pages, please send e-mail directly to order, writing the name of the plants, quantity, your name, your address and your phone number all in English.
    ③ After receiving the orders, we confirm the contents of your order by e-mail.
    ④ After semding plants, we inform you by e-mail. (We require about 10 days to send the plants.)

    2. Exporter

    ① Company: Japan Post Holdings Co.,Ltd. EMS(Express Mail Service)
    ② No plants quarantee in Japan.
    ③ Delivery estimated period
    Korea, China, Taiwan ⇒ 2 ~ 4 days
    USA, European countries ⇒ 5~8 days
    ④ Carriage: From 900 Japanese Yen, it's up to quantity, weigt, destination.

    3. Packing

    ① The Mad and the root hairs are rejected.
    ② The roots are washed and dried.
    ③ The plants are rapped with soft paper to protect.

    4. Payments

    ① Please send the money via the bank into our bank account.
    ② Please pay the handing charge of sending the money.
    ③ After checking your payments, we send the plants.
    ④ It takes 2 or 3 days whether it's paid or not.

    5. About plants

    ① We arrange the same plants as our WEB pages' one or other equal one to it.
    ② Even if you cannot find your fovorite plants on our WEB pages, we search the stock. Please tell me name of the plants you want by e-mail.
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